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Business competition requires all business people seriously understand the situation of her business, internally and externally. This understanding is a basis of the strategy to enhance the ability to compete in the market.
Company Intranet Portal in Lahore Pakistan, Company Web Portal in Lahore Pakistan
IT provides a great chance for you to know more about your business. To compete better, you need:

Operational efficiency improvement;
Collaboration improvement;
Customer service improvement;
Faster response to market;
Faster adaptation to changing condition.

Intranet portal
enables employees in your company to get accurate and up-to-date information easily in a timely basis. Portal implementation helps to improve productivity and efficiency.

Intranet Portal Features Intranet portal is a place for information sharing between employees, even from different branches without having to meet face-to-face.

We also provides a service to build an application on top of the portal, or connect/integrate it with existing applications.

Specifically, the features are as follows:

News Gallery 

No more information loss, and reduce paper-based announcements.

Event Calendar

Manage meeting and outing schedules, and any events inviting some or all employees. Option to provide email and SMS alerts is available.

Email Integration

Your employees can access their emails on the portal without having to type in their user IDs/passwords, employing single sign-on technology.

Documents Sharing and Collaboration

Brochures, price lists, documents, articles, or any important files frequently needed by employees can be downloaded and shared easily with appropriate access controls. 


Workflow and collaboration can be built on top of the portal, to enable paperless employee self-service.

Discussion Forum

Allows employee interaction in discussions, polling, and surveys for company needs.

Document Filing System

Document digitizing, OCR (optical character recognition) and publishing that results in easy searching.

Web 2.0 Social Applications

Option to add Blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds on top of the portal enhances your intranet portal to become a collective knowledge center.

Enterprise Application Integration

Existing applications can be integrated so employees can access them in a single web interface. The enterprise applications that can be integrated are ERP, SCM, CRM, HRM, online ticketing, or existing database (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB2, Excel, FoxPro, etc.)

Document Management

Your complete Document Management system. Users can create, rename, move, edit, or delete their own files and directories. Document Check-in, Check-out, Versions, & History. Full-Text Search and integrated Rich-Text Editor.


Create unlimited Calendars for Individuals, Departments, Groups, Teams, and Projects. Recurring events, reservations, email notifications and reminders. Events can display rich-text, images, links, and icons.


Send and receive email without leaving Supremus Intranet Portal. Supports attachments, copies, spell checking, address books and even database storage for sent emails

Web pages

Create web pages online using only a browser. Individual Departments or Teams can create their own home pages complete with logos and links to important information


Create and send "reminders" by instant message, email or both. See important reminders as soon as you log on to Supremus Intranet Portal

Task Management

Easily track and manage team, or personal tasks. Set assignments, priorities, and due dates for any team or project


Web-based Business Charts including Line, Bar, Pie, Area, Gauge, Zone, and Scatter charts. Create stunning Performance Dashboards for homepage display

Time Sheet

A tool for tracking worker hours. Can be applied to both Direct Tasks – projects, client activities, etc., as well as various Overhead activities such as training, and vacations. Customizable Time Codes


A simple application designed to disseminate training information throughout the organization, and to facilitate student registration for offered courses. Calendar and Catalog views.

Help Desk

A fully implemented help-desk application. Allows users to submit and track help tickets - and to receive online and email updates. Support personnel can easily check and respond to tickets by ticket #, client, type and priority


All Supremus Intranet Portal members get their own Blog space to create an unlimited number of Blog files for news, journals, hobbies, etc. Members can also read and comment on the Blogs of other members - improving communication and collaboration

Project Management

Create and track an unlimited number of projects. Keep everyone informed of major milestones and important issues. View projects by location or business area. Project Calendars, Forums, and Gnatt Charts


Directories for Members, Contacts, Businesses, and Links. Each can be searched and sorted and member profiles can include pictures. Multiple views.

Online Polls

Design and conduct a poll right from the Supremus Intranet Portal homepage. Participants are only allowed a single vote, and can view in-progress results only after voting. Multiple polls supported.

To Do list

A personal To-do list manager. Track tasks by priority, status, and due date. Lists are color-coded by priority or due date. Tie your tasks to a perpetual calendar which helps remind you each day of what's due today and what's coming up

Subject matter expert

A searchable database and repository of your company's Subject Matter Experts. Who to call for what. Who is the expert on pumps, or Windows 2003 ? This database facilitates the process of knowledge exchange and problem resolution

Discussion Board

Supremus Intranet Portal has 3 discussion boards, a "What's New" board mainly for announcements... a Discussion board for informal postings, and a "Corkboard" for everything else. Discussion postings are rich-text and can have 2 levels of replies tracking date and time

Slide Show

Conduct Slide Shows or play Videos directly on the Home Portal. Change slides or video with just a Browser. Present Performance Metrics directly to Employees, show Sales and Production data - anything you want

Image and logo galleries

 Organize your photos for easy access at home or on-the road. Create unlimited photo galleries for business presentations or just pictures from the company picnic. Add titles and descriptions for each photo that you can edit at any time

FAQ- Database

A repository for frequently asked questions and answers - and other knowledge commonly needed by members to perform their duties. Reduces the need for Help Desk or other resources, and improves worker productivity

Content Management

Individual Departments or Teams can create their own home pages complete with logos and links to important information. Create newsletters, web pages, and HTML files using the integrated rich-text editor.


Import / Export calendar, contacts, and task data with Microsoft Outlook for sync with your PDA

Links to Bookmark

Input and Catalog your complete collection of webpage Bookmarks and Links. Public and Personal Links with Search capability. User defined Link Categories


A complete Chat application - useful for quick discussions and getting the news out. Add icons, links, and photos to your posts to make things really interesting.


Management Reserve conference rooms, check equipment availability, update or delete meeting arrangements from anywhere with just a browser. Send email invitations and gather responses. Input your own facilities and resources for scheduling and reservation.

Phone Message

The Phone Message module is used to record messages for individuals away from their desks. Upon return they can check and respond to their personal message log


The Corkboard is a fun application - but it can also be very useful too. Communicate the latest news, lost and found, items for sale, soap box issues, birthdays, etc.


Create and Edit News Stories and Announcements for inclusion of your homepage. Include images, photos, links, icons, and rich-text. Integrated spell-checker and image uploader


Supremus Intranet Portal members can communicate their whereabouts using the simple "Where I am" form and leaving a text message of their whereabouts and return plans.


Supremus Intranet Portal tracks usage of key site pages to give administrators feedback as to what features of the software are used most and least. Web statistics are available in table and chart format


Folder The Forms Directory allows you to organize and share your forms in a central location - easily accessible to your organization

RSS Applet

The RSS Applet allows you subscribe to external newsfeeds- selecting custom content for your site. Your news will be relevant and up-to-date. Change Feed "Channels" using only your web browser


Coordinate workflow and approval processes using tools built into the Supremus Intranet Portal IM system. Request time-off or forward documents to co-workers for feedback and approval


The System Configuration Panel allows administrators to easily set colors, logos, titles and content with just a few clicks - no programming or HTML-.

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Download POS Retail Management ERP Software Pakistan

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