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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization in Lahore Pakisan, SEO in Lahore Pakisan, Web marketing Analysis in Lahore PakisanWhy is the website you paid thousands of dollars for not  producing the results you hoped it would? Sure, it probably looks great and is easily navigable, but where are the visitors? The traffic? The clicks? The sales?

7 Reasons Why Websites Fail To Generate Traffic: 

         • Web site owners don’t target their message to specific   audiences.  
         • The site’s design doesn’t incorporate meta tags for search engines to
         • Each web page’s title doesn’t reflect the   individual page’s content. 
         • Each page doesn’t provide detailed descriptions of the page’s theme. 
         • The site isn’t built with keyword and key phrase search relevancy in mind. 
         • Statistics aren’t captured to learn why searchers come to the site. 
         • The site isn’t submitted to the top 21 search engines and directories that produce over 88% of all internet searches.

What is SEOSearch Engine Optimization in Lahore Pakisan, SEO in Lahore Pakisan, Web marketing Analysis in Lahore Pakisan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of refining your website to be as search engine friendly as it can be. With so many sites on the internet it is no longer enough just to have a website. If it cannot be found by a potential visitor/customer/member it is wasted. Over 80% of consumers use search engines to find websites, and very few of them will search past the first page of results. Surveys show that most decision makers spend a minimum of two hours a day surfing the web. This is why search engine optimization is such an important part of building your internet business. A top 10 search engine ranking should be your minimum goal.

When planning SEO, think from your site visitor’s perspective. Plan the content of each page to reflect a specific focus. When your visitors come from a search engine appropriate content is easy on the eye when it matches their search term. A natural flow helps satisfy visitor needs, providing the basis of trust.

Some SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization can be accomplished by implementing as many of the following techniques as possible:

         • Page titles present on ALL pages
         • Image Alt tags present on ALL images 
         • Implementing a Textual Based Menu
         • Adding Metadata (keywords, page description) to each page that is specifically targeted to the page
            content (e.g. canoeing, hiking, etc.).
         • Key Word Density – Ensuring that the content on each page contains the keyword or words that are
           chosen for the site.
         • Ensuring that the keywords are used to their fullest ability and that they are not overused.
         • Keyword Research involves researching the keywords that will bring the most traffic to your site via the main
           search engines. This keyword research is then reviewed with you,  the client – before implementation. Title tag
           and Meta tag optimization is then based on the keyword research and   specific pages within the website. Keywords
           can also subsequently be used to run online adword campaigns.

Submission to Appropriate Search Engine Databases

Our services to submit your website to appropriate search engine databases includes: 
         • Submission to non-paid submission directories
         • Submission to all major non-paid search engines Ad word Campaigns Goggle Ad words and Yahoo-Overture are examples of companies which provide ad space online.

It is general knowledge that getting your website indexed by search engines and directories is key to your Internet triumph. We are making sure that those search engines and directories rank your site high. We employ demonstrated Search Engine Optimization techniques to grade our client's websites in the top positions on all of the major search engines and directories. Our SEO Experts know how to tactically improve your search engine placement. Using safe, pioneering and widely acknowledged Search Engine Optimization techniques, we produce a marketing campaign that creates more top placements than any other search engine optimization company.

Our SEO experts research and collect exclusive relevant links (SEO Link Building) for your website to get better position in Organic Search Result Page for the selected key phrases. The whole process and your website's performance are constantly monitored by our SEO Experts. It is time to get the most out of your website with proper search engine optimization.

Our SEO Services 

        • Initial analysis of the site including page rank, site design and content analysis
        • Title and META Description tags
        • META Keyword Research
        • H1-H6 (Headings)
        • Checking browser compatibility
        • Construction and submission of Sitemap (XML, HTML, ROR)
        • Submission to all major Search Engines
        • Directory Submissions
        • Article Submissions
        • Blogs
        • Competitor Research
        • Reporting that include regular log analyses, keyword ranking and checking for dead (broken) links.
        • Ad words Campaign (CPC)
        • Google Analytics
        • Google Report
        • ROI
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