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Software Enhancements and Maintenance

Software Enhancements And Software Maintainance in Lahore Pakistan  

We specialize in the maintenance of the commercial products and mission-critical enterprise solutions. Our team works in conjunction with client teams to accelerate release cycles, migrate existing solutions to different technology architecture, and deliver maintenance, enhancements and integration specific to customers.

Why Maintenance?

After having spent hundreds and thousands of dollars in creating a solution a company would like to maintain it rather than moving to new software’s. 80% of the projects today are maintenance projects. Typically, a software product spends more than half of its life cycle in maintenance and support. However, planning for this stage of the product's life is at times surprisingly inadequate. This often happens because project managers, software developers and customer requirement analysts are too much obsessed with the challenges of software development and fail to devote proper attention and effort to software maintenance and support.

Supporting the applications while they are in use is key to providing a complete business service. As part of the Software Maintenance one may wish to perform one or all of the following maintenance.

Corrective maintenance: Reactive modifications of a software product or application are performed after delivery to correct discovered problems.

Adaptive maintenance: Modification of a software product or application performed after delivery to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment.

Perfective maintenance: Modification of a software product after delivery to improve performance or maintainability.

Preventive maintenance: Modification of a software product after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults.


SoftCareGroup has setup processes to help you effectively handle application enhancement and maintenance needs. For application maintenance Agile, iterative and incremental Software Development Lifecycles are most suited.


Today, in this highly competitive world, most software development companies are stretched-out with development commitments and due to which they welcome the opportunity to flex with the competent outside resources. At this point, one of the greatest advantages of using SoftCareGroup for software application development service is our ability to expand the software company's personal development and field services team(s) to meet their specific customer requirements.


Need for Software Application enhancements


To be successful in the market and satisfy the ever-changing market needs of a customer, a software company has to constantly evolve its applications by implementing the following activities:

·          Quickly identifying the new and innovative functionalities that highly satisfy the customers’ needs to the maximum and also incorporating them into the existing software applications.

·          Integrating an existing software application with other software platforms, using new and advanced generation integration concepts like XML, EDI, etc.

·          Adapting existing software application to web services


In order to stay above competitors, technology vendors need to make sure that their products and solutions are updated and enhanced on a regular basis, and have all the features and functionalities as required and expected by their customers.


Alongside with our consistent approach to software development, we deliver highly professional outsourced software maintenance as well as continuous functional updates to your products.
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