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Graphics Design

  These days design exerts an influence on almost every aspect of our lives. Right from icons to the logos of companies and the symbols of organizations, to banners on the roads and advertising hoardings on the road, the images we perceive, the designs that accost our senses have profound and often a huge subliminal role to play in our routine decisions and even in the way that we think at times. And because this is so, we need to realize the Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan
importance of design and  visual appeal as key components of effective business

Catering to this need is SoftCareGroup, a company offering a range of IT solutions that include graphic designing as one its core areas of expertise. By utilizing some of the best possible creative design resources available, we have acquired expertise in customized graphic solutions to be used as a part of corporate advertising.

All graphics are fundamentally based on the principal of maximum impact at minimum exposure. Built around this functionality, we are a firm that specializes in delivering sophisticated corporate identity solutions, corporate stationary, customized logo deigns, brochures, catalogues, customized print templates and related services for the maximization of your business potential in terms of visual impact.

SoftCareGroup offers you professional services that do justice to your brand image and are available at competitive prices. One of the greatest advantages of being associated with us is that we have the required training in both technical as well as the aesthetic areas of business communications. The corporate identities created by us provide a clear, crisp and relevant expression of information in contemporary terms, while maintaining the consistency that is imperative in image formation.

Providing web-graphic images, banners, logo design, and search engine marketing for all types of businesses, SoftCareGroup tailors its products specifically with the internet in mind and therefore focuses on the maximization of the visual impact with the use of cutting-edge technologies. We employ state of the art facilities and help our clients to build positive and lucrative associations within the framework of efficient and innovative identity building corporate marketing systems. Our teams of professionals are experienced in all aspects of the marketing process, right from research, planning, designing and execution. We deliver on time and on budget, with all our pricing inclusive of the revisions required to meet your specifications.

It is an unfortunate fact - hard but true - that on the Web one is only as good as one looks. But once this is understood, it must be used to the advantage of any perceptive business aspirant. Design is inherently a personal preference, and therefore it is extremely important that you find someone who can understand your vision and give it an apt representation in terms of a tangible, concrete image. We, at SoftCareGroup believe in minimizing the distance between your vision and your final product. Using your specific requirement as our base, we synthesize it with cutting edge technology and innovative thinking to maximize your impact and to make sure that it is always your message that occupies center stage and that remains the main focus of attention.

Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan Brochure Design

A brochure is one of the most customizable and corporate marketing or advertising tools for a business company. Not only can a good brochure inform potential clients and customers about the products and services offered, it can also highlight the strengths of the company it represents and focus attention on the benefits that customers will have on being associated with them. Based on the personal and individually specific inputs provided by our clients, SoftCareGroup aims at creating brochures with a strategically formulated balance of commercial and inspirational impacts.

A successful brochure is an investment in the future of a company. It helps to make people familiar with it a time when a company is just starting out - a crucial time in terms of creating positive, unique and lasting impressions that can lead to mutually beneficial associations in future. Professional companies no longer base their decisions on either content or presentation, but on an effective synthesis of the two that is presented convincingly, and in the high-end creative solutions we offer as business solutions at SoftCareGroup, this is something we always keep in mind.

Starting from a corporate logo to using particular layouts and designs, a visual corporate image carries a message that goes beyond the impact of the textual communication. Each company tries to project a particular image, to convey a specific impression to the target group it has in mind, since this initial impression is what will later develop into the foundation of lucrative and mutually beneficial associations. It is therefore extremely important to design brochures that enhance business possibilities through their powerful and unique impacts.

SoftCareGroup is hence the one-stop resource for all your brochure design needs starting from the initial outlining of concepts to the finalization. Offering a guarantee of results we run through as many revisions as you wish, work in a time-specific allocation; make the use of qualified and experienced staff that comes up with customized, creative high-quality end products within the budget specified by you. In addition to this we do not limit ourselves to designing only brochures, but offer our services in related areas like graphic designing, web-designing, web-development, and logo designing as well.
Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan
SoftCareGroup prides itself in being able to produce brochure designs for you in a variety of popular sizes and distinct formats. Our in-depth understanding of the nuances of the business and marketing as well as our comfort with technologically advanced processes are what give us the crucial edge over our competitors. Once you have approved the initial design we get down to work, but keep you involved in the process throughout. The overall development of the product includes a range of functions, and as is obvious the work is not as easy as one would otherwise imagine. However, we stick to the simple motto of giving it our best, and so far the satisfaction of our clients at our products has been more than enough of a validation for our effort.

At the end of it all, SoftCareGroup creates successful brochures that are unique, effective, efficient, contemporary and ready to take on the maximum opportunities headed the way of the companies they represent and are a mirror to.

Logo Design

A logo can basically be defined as a symbol representing a company or organization. Although just an image, it is much more than a mere representation – it is in fact a reflection, a mirror to what you and your company are, how you wish to be perceived, and what it is that you stand for. In the business world the logo is one of the most effective ways of creating a corporate image, and we at SoftCareGroup specialize in the maximization of its potential.

Against such a background, it is absolutely imperative that the logo you choose should be designed with the utmost care and should cater to your specific requirements rather than to a more generalized definition. Keeping this in mind, our team of experienced logo designers produces logos that capture the ideals and values of each individual client resulting in the most effective customized corporate identity solutions possible. At SoftCareGroup the entire process of logo designing is extremely interactive and transparent, with our clients free to involve
themselves at each stage of the journey right from the initial
verification to the last finalization.Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan

Our prices are also very competitive because we firmly believe that individual clients and small companies deserve the same dignity and quality of representation as larger multinational organizations. All our clients, irrespective of the size of their companies are therefore treated with the same seriousness and respect, with their requirements fitted to professional designs at affordable coasts.

At this point it would also be important to add that each individual solution offered by us is based on research and a well-integrated marketing plan. SoftCareGroup always keeps in mind that the kind of market that exists on the internet is extremely niched, a trait that ensures great focus in almost all the stages of marketing and planning if one wants to make an online presence felt; It is a huge ocean where ample attention needs to be placed on factors like demographic characteristics, company brand images, online buying behavior and the projected characteristics of web-surfers, company targets and the strategies involved in the positioning of products and services online. And all of these are elements that we take into consideration while creating your logo, so that the impression created by your logo creates
a lasting impact and the benefits reaped by you are at the maximum level possible.

 Over the years our expertise has evolved in all the areas of visual communications, and today we are proud to offer the most contemporary technologies available. This is the reason why we provide not only logo designing facilities but also the entire range of graphic designing and web designing services that our clients could need - Web Site designing, Logo designing, Flash Designing, Flash Animation and many more. In fact, Flash Design and Flash Animation are two of the most popular technologies in use today, offering complete creative freedom in combination with unlimited technical possibilities. Once again this is something that SoftCareGroup specializes in, guaranteeing an effective integration of such creations with the rest of the content to maximize the overall impact of your logo and website.

Corporate Identity
Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan

The term “Corporate identity” basically bears reference to those aspects and items of a corporation that are designed with the specific purpose of facilitating and assisting the company to achieve its business aims, objectives and to reinforce its image & brand. The comprehensive identity usually manifests itself through trademarks and a particular brand, and is founded on the principles ensconced within the context of a definite corporate culture. In a general sense this would include a number of devices commonly used for purpose, like a logo, letterhead, signage and graphics, although one should not make the mistake of considering it just that – a corporate identity goes much further than either a logo or a letterhead. It is the symbol that your company’s persona will be recognized by, known by, interpreted by.

At SoftCareGroupAt SoftCareGroup we specialize in the creation of professionally crafted effective corporate identities. Your logo, for example, is one of the things that will become central to the image that emerges in the minds of clients when they hear your name. It should therefore be as defining as your fingerprint and as unique as your signature. SoftCareGroup recognizes this need and works not only to create such an identity but also to ensure a sense of visual continuity. This consistency is extremely important, especially in terms of brand recognition, since your identity should be easily discernable across all the varied manifestations of your brand.

 If you need services in this area SoftCareGroup has the best solution for you. Based on intensive research, planning, strategy, execution and experience, we offer an entire range of facilities and corporate identity services aimed at creating the perfect impression on any potential customers you come in contact with. These services include customized designing of logos, labels, brochures, visiting cards, websites and corporate catalogues. We also do corporate multimedia presentations, stationary layouts and graphic layout presentations. Striking the right balance between personality and strategic positioning, our creations and products succeed in communicating your philosophy and image with critical consistency.

In the highly competitive business arena that exists today it is of tremendous importance to have a powerful, effective and informative website if one wishes to build a good market share. This is in fact, the most effective corporate branding tool available today. You can have access to unlimited exposures and opportunities if you have an impressive corporate identity and a well developed and maintained website. To fulfill these requirements SoftCareGroup offers services in areas like website development, website designing, website marketing, and website maintenance and search engine optimization. With the help of these services we work to enhance your visibility on the World Wide Web, to maximize the impact your website has on visitors, retain old customers and create, promote and develop your corporate image most effectively, most innovatively, most affordably and most dynamically.

A successful stroke of creativity carries within it the force to invoke positive reaction and set in motion the beginnings of new associations and possibilities. At SoftCareGroup we attempt to infuse such intensity in all our products so that the results are a consolidated example of expertise, technical excellence, creativity and consistency, all aimed
 at the maximization of benefits for our customers.
Graphics Design in Lahore Pakistan, Graphics Designer in Lahore Pakistan, Logo Design in Lahore Pakistan, Poster Design in Lahore Pakistan, Photoshop Design in Lahore Pakistan
 We are a uniquely positioned group to address your creative design needs. We deal with a wide range of graphic design
 stuff, some of which are mentioned below:

• Compelling Animated Banners
• Static Banners
• Floating and Expanding Flash Banners
• Logo Design
• Corporate Identity
• Image Processing
• Animated Clip Art
• Brochure Design
• Print Design
• Favicon
• Web Graphic Designs
• Video Services

Top quality design that is now easy on the wallet! A graphic design project may also involve the stylization and presentation of existing text and either preexisting imagery or images developed by the graphic designers.

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