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Ecommerce & Corporate Websites

The term e-commerce refers to the carrying out of business transactions via networks through computers. This includes the purchase and sale of goods and services and all connected financial interactions online, and at times even digital delivery through the medium of the WWW (World Wide Web). E-commerce has a special relevance in the context of the IT powered world that we live in today where we talk of a global access and maximized outreach.

Keeping this in mind, our company SoftCareGroup designs and develops e-commerce solutions and websites aimed at converting your casual browsers and visitors into actual customers. The plans offered by us in this area are strategically planned and include features like functional designing, database configurations, creative and innovation ranges of graphic designs, payment interfaces and gateway integration, virtual shopping carts and hosting implementation.

Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest, eCommerce And Corporate Websites in Lahore Pakistan
We also carry out complete marketing evaluations on which we base our plans and develop customized software to cater to the specific needs of your particular project.

At SoftCareGroup we treat every project with equal seriousness and care. Our teams of dedicated experts work to ensure that our customers receive the results they wish at affordable rates and within a prescribed time-frame that includes the website’s final delivery. We specialize in providing the right balance among creativity, relevance, technological expertise, impact-creation and efficiency. We always try to make sure that your particular brand-ideology is reflected in the web-presence created for you by us. So far all our projects have maintained an exceptionally high quality and success standard, and our clients have never been either disappointed or dissatisfied by our e-commerce website development and designs.


At a standard level our solutions include seamless integration capabilities with the overall website design, product thumbnails, uploading and updating facilities, add, delete and edit options for all product categories and sub-categories, powerful searches, integration of payment gateways, facilities for email confirmation of orders and the capacity for supporting an unlimited number of products, customers and categories. In addition to these, SoftCareGroup pays attention to the overall stability and flexibility levels of our e-commerce solutions so that the process remains easily functional for both our clients as well as for their customers.


In addition to these services, our administrative interface will facilitate your business maneuvers significantly. From the Admin Panel you are able to track your sales through a range varying of categories like region, type, etc. you will also access demographic information about your customers, which will allow you to send them updates, offers and e-mails, once again targeted through a range of categories like age, gender and income that will streamline the marketing as well as increase the probabilities for actual sales.


As SoftCareGroup provides you with all the above mentioned services and many more, it is the best choice for all those interest in increasing the returns on investments (ROI) and improving their online-businesses. In time we prove to our clients that not only are our services comprehensive in nature they are also technologically sound and crucial for competing on an equal footing in the arena of 21st century e-commerce.


Our Ecommerce Solutions Features:


·          Add & delete products

·          Create product categories & sub-categories

·          Account Registration & Login

·          View Purchase History

·          View Order Status

·          Multiple Payment Options

·          Add to Cart

·          Thumbnail & Detailed Product Photos

·          MIVA integration

·          Email confirmation of orders

·          Attractive look and feel

Download POS Retail Management ERP Software Pakistan

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